Tuesday 21 February: Agamemnon’s Front Door

Advert in The Times, Saturday 8 October 1983. IF YOU MISSED IT IN 458BC, CATCH IT THIS SUNDAY ON CHANNEL 4. THE ORESTEIA. On Sunday night at 7.15pm we present Peter Hall's highly acclaimed National Theatre Production of 'The Oresteia'. This trilogy by Aeschylus, the oldest surviving Greek play, tells the story of Orestes. A story of blood feud, murder, revenge and reconciliation. A supporting documentary 'The Oresteia at Epidaurus' tonight at 8.00pm, covers the company's triumphant visit to the ancient Greek Theatre at Epidaurus to become the first English company to perform there.

Advert in The Times, October 1983, image from the Screen Plays blog

Myth Reading Group
Tuesday 21 February 2012
5 – 6 p.m.
Room 5B.330

The text is an excerpt from Tony Harrison’s translation of the Oresteia of Aeschylus, presenting Agamemnon’s return home from Troy:

  • Tony Harrison – The Oresteia [link expired]

You may also like to watch the same scene from the production directed by Peter Hall, with Harrison Birtwistle’s music. The colour has bled somewhat on this old video transfer, but it’s still watchable. The clip should start in the right place, but in case it doesn’t, the scene starts at one minute into the clip, continuing until 13 minutes 30 seconds.

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