About the Centre

The Centre for Myth Studies, which is administratively located within the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies (CPS) at the University of Essex, was established in 2008. The Centre provides a forum for those working on myth within the University of Essex and in other universities and institutions in the UK and abroad. It promotes the study of myth, from ancient to modern, and raises awareness of the importance of myth within the contemporary world.

The centre encourages its interdisciplinary study through weekly sessions at the Myth Reading Group, an online discussion list, open seminars, international conferences, and publications. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for latest news and updates.

The current theme for our Myth Reading Group sessions is Journeys, and we have a series of talks scheduled with speakers both from the Department of LiFTS and CPS. You can find a full programme and further information about past and current sessions and open seminars on this website.

We meet every Thursday in term time, between 12:00 and 13:30 (Room NTC.2.06) at the University of Essex, Colchester Campus. Students and academics with an interest in myth are more than welcome to attend or present a topic. Please contact us at mythic@essex.ac.uk if you wish to propose a topic to discuss at the Myth Reading Group and/or join our mailing list.