Tuesday 14 February: The Helmet of Horror

Myth Reading Group
Tuesday 14 February 2012
5 – 6 p.m.
Room 5B.330

Alexei Vernitski will introduce a discussion of Victor Pelevin’s The Helmet of Horror.

The text:

  • The Helmet of Horror (pp. 76-93) [link expired]

Alexei adds these further comments and links:

A canonical text which is one of the descriptions of the classical Buddhist psychological doctrine which, I think, has inspired Pelevin’s description of the helmet of horror:


And, in a modern re-telling, this doctrine is described here:


Since Pelevin’s text is a morality play, it should be compared with mediaeval morality play, for example, the famous Everyman. This play can be found in the library or in many places on the web, for example, here:


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