Myth Reading Group 4 May: Calasso’s Athena

The Myth Reading Group meets on ‘Zoom’ on Tuesday 4 May, 5:30-6:30 pm (UK time). The link to join will be posted in the comments for this post. All are welcome.

Roberto Calasso sitting at a desk covered in files, in front of an enormous bookcase. Black and white photograph.
Roberto Calasso, Photo from The New Yorker

This week’s text is an extract from The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony [Le nozze di Cadmo e Armonia, 1988] by Italian writer Roberto Calasso, translated by Tim Parks.

The extract is from the beginning of chapter 8, which gives an account of the strange birth of Athena, some of the tales about her, and her characteristics.

The text can be seen as a reflection on Archaic myth from a 1980s literary perspective, and will give us strong fuel for discussing the nature of the goddess and how we see her today.


The goddess Athena, fully armed, having sprung from the head of Zeus.
East Pediment of the Athenian Parthenon, speculative reconstruction, Acropolis Museum
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