Myth Reading Group: Call for Proposals, Autumn 2019

Centre for Myth Studies — Myth Reading Group

Call for Proposals: Myth and Childhood

Little horse on wheels (Ancient Greek child’s Toy). From tomb dating 950-900 BC. Kerameikos Archaeological Museum in Athens. Wikimedia Commons.

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting suggestions for texts to read for our new theme, Myth and Childhood.

We invite proposals from anyone who is interested in any aspect of myth and childhood and can address the theme from a mythological perspective across cultures, periods, and media.

In the Homeric Hymn to Hermes, the newly-born god steals Apollo’s cattle and soon after that, he devises the first lyre using a tortoise shell. In addition to mythical accounts of childhood, writers of children’s literature often use myths to create imaginary realms for their young audiences, such as in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials (1995-2000) and his most recent trilogy (The Book of Dust, 2017- ). We welcome proposals on mythical childhoods and myths in children’s literature. Please contact us with your suggestions for texts to read and discuss in the Autumn term (

The Myth Reading Group is open to anyone with an interest in myth. We meet on alternate Wednesdays during term time, between 13.15 and 14.45 at the University of Essex Colchester Campus, North Teaching Centre, Room N.T.C 3.06. Our sessions include a short presentation of up to 30 minutes, followed by discussion or a reading session.

Our first session will take place on 16 October. Myth Reading Group sessions will run during the Autumn and Spring Terms. Attendees are welcome to bring their lunch and drinks during the session.

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