A Tour in the Forest

Myth Reading Group

Thursday 03 May

12.00-1.30pm in Room 4.204

We are very pleased to announce that Dr Leon Burnett, founding & former Director of the Centre for Myth Studies, opens our Summer term discussion of Trees & Forests with a session on I. S. Turgenev’s short story, “A Tour in the Forest”


Sculpture of Isis. Roman period (30 BC-395 AD), Borgia Collection, National Archaeological Museum, Naples [Photo (2016) by Leon Burnett]

We continue the theme of trees and forests with a discussion of Ivan Turgenev’s short story, “A Tour in the Forest” (1857). A sense of myth is ever present in the human consciousness, often as no more than an undercurrent in the routine of daily life, but certain habitats bring it more readily to the surface.  The forest is a location particularly conducive to its exposure. The narrator in Turgenev’s realist tale looks forward to a hunting expedition, but from the outset he is acutely aware of the numinous that haunts the reality of rural Russia.


  1. S. Turgenev, “A Tour in the Forest” [“Poezdka v Poles’e”, 1857]; trans. Constance Garnett
  2. S. Turgenev, “The Nymphs” [“Nimfy”, 1878]; trans. Constance Garnett


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