Tenth Anniversary

The Old and the New: Centre for Myth Studies tenth anniversary celebration. Friday 11 May 2018.2018 marks the tenth anniversary of the Centre for Myth Studies. On Friday 11 May, we shall celebrate the occasion with a day of talks, readings, and discussions which reflect the past and the future of the Centre.

All are warmly invited to attend “The Old and the New” at the University of Essex in Colchester. For full details about the programme and how to register for this free event, please see our event page.

Since 2008, the Centre has been devoted to exploring the significance of myth in ancient and modern times. Most of these activities are documented on this site (see links above for our books, conferences, seminars, and the weekly Myth Reading Group). It was founded by Leon Burnett in the department of Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies, and now sits within the department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, under the directorship of Roderick Main. This cross-disciplinary collaboration was reflected in the first achievements of the centre (a Master’s course, international conference, and book, each of which shared the title Myth, Literature, and the Unconscious), and the centre continues to recognise that no single discipline can provide the last word on myth.

Our anniversary celebration will be opened by current director, Roderick Main, and will close with Pietra Palazzolo’s view on myth in contemporary literature. Pietra’s tireless work on the reading group, seminar series, and blog has kept the Centre at the forefront of interdisciplinary mythical research. The event also welcomes Essex alumnus Saul Andreetti back to Colchester, to read from his own magical and myth-inspired work. His reading will be followed by a discussion with founding director Leon Burnett. To complete the programme, we are delighted to present a keynote lecture from José Manuel Losada. José Manuel is the dynamic force behind the biennial myth conference in Madrid, which this year encompasses four universities in the city over twelve days in October. (If you are quick, there is still time to submit an abstract for this year’s conference, see: mythcriticism.com.)

The Old and the New” promises to reveal, demystify, and remystify some vital issues in current research and practice along the intersection of myth and literature. We look forward to welcoming you in Colchester on Friday 11 May.


Room 4.722 is in the Psychology building on Square 1 — near “Entrance 3” (the western end closest to the railway line). Click here for link to campus map.

Map showing University of Essex, Colchester Campus, Room 4.722

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