Round Table Discussion: Aquatic Chaos

Myth Reading Group

Round Table

Thursday 16 November

12.00-1.30pm in Room 3.411


Zao Wou-Ki, 25-10-2002, 2002, Wikiart

In The Poetics of Myth,  Eleazar Meletinsky, noting that “the motif of the primordial ocean that gives birth to land is universal”, writes that “the motif of aquatic chaos is no doubt the basis for the near-universal motif of the primordial flood”. At the next meeting of the Myth Reading Group we shall hold a round table discussion of the motif of Aquatic Chaos as presented in the biblical account of the flood in Genesis and in the dream of the Arab in Book V of Wordsworth’s Prelude.

We hope the set texts will encourage a lively discussion of the link between myth, primordial waters, and the void. See also further reading in the document above and the blog entry on The Void.


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