Call for Proposals: Journeys

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Call for Proposals: Journeys



Jason returns with the Golden Fleece, detail of Apulian red-figure calyx krater (ca. 340-330 BC), Louvre Museum [image on the public domain]

The Myth Reading Group returns this term with the theme of “Journeys”. We are looking for proposals that focus on journeys within myth and in mythical tales as well as in relation to the way texts travel across cultures and historical periods. For example, you could focus on the journeys of a mythical object, as in the case of the Golden Fleece in the image above, or on the way the hero’s journey has been rendered in different texts, cultures, and periods.

We hope the versatility of the theme will inspire a lively discussion of mythical journeys from varying perspectives. As the theme of journeys overlaps with that of afterlives, explored last year, please see our earlier call for proposals and our Spring and Summer 2016 programmes to find inspiration.

Please contact us with your suggestions for works to read in the Spring term. If you wish to introduce a topic, or have suggestions for texts to be discussed, please email us at

The Myth Reading Group is open to anyone with an interest in myth. We meet every Thursday in term time, between 12:00 and 1:30 p.m. (Room NTC.2.06) at the University of Essex Colchester Campus. Our sessions include a short presentation, up to 30 minutes, followed by discussion.

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9 Responses to Call for Proposals: Journeys

  1. Fliss Rich says:

    Hi Pietra,
    Great theme.
    I can do one towards the end of term on one of the March dates (2nd or 9th).
    It would be something like: Journeying from one life to the next: mythscape, deathscape and realscape in Tibetan Buddhist writings.
    What is the start date for this term?

    • essexmyth says:

      Hi Fliss, I’m glad you like to theme! Thank you for your proposal, we can finalise topic by email. We are currently accepting proposals until 31 January, first meeting on Thursday 2 February. Looking forward to seeing you this term, best wishes,Pietra

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