Thursday 8 December: Mythscapes of a mind-doctor

Myth Reading Group

Thursday 8 December

12.00-1.30pm in Room NTC.2.06

This week Professor Roderick Main, Director of the Centre for Myth Studies, continues our discussion of Mythscapes with a session on landscapes of the mind in C. G. Jung’s The Red Book


Illustration from C. G. Jung, The Red Book: Liber Novus, ed. S. Shamdasani (New York: Norton, 2009), Liber Secundus, p. 22, Cap. v, Dies ii

In his recently published Red Book — Liber Novus  (2009) C. G. Jung recorded and described, as well as in some cases pictorially illustrated, a series of fantasies that he would later dub his ‘confrontation with the unconscious’.   Jung generated and explored these fantasies by means of the technique he would call active imagination.  For Jung the imagination could be mythopoeic, and his fantasies are replete with the figures and landscapes of myth.  In this session we look at a selection of episodes  in which the inner landscape plays an important role in the fantasy.

G. Jung, The Red Book: Liber Novus, ed. S. Shamdasani, trans. M. Kyburz, J. Peck and S. Shamdasani (New York: Norton, 2009)


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