Thursday 1 December. Latin American mythscapes: Gabriel García Márquez’s Macondo

Myth Reading Group

Thursday 1 December

12.00-1.30pm in Room NTC.2.06

This week Eirini Apanomeritaki continues our discussion of Mythscapes with a session on Gabriel García Márquez’s Macondo


First edition book cover of One Hundred Years of Solitude (Buenos Aires: Editorial Sudamericana, 1967)

Gabriel García Márquez’s acclaimed magical realist novel One Hundred Years of Solitude ([1967], 1970) provided a creation myth for Latin America; events from twentieth century Colombia and the country’s colonial past are juxtaposed with extraordinary incidents in a repetitive cycle. Featuring scenes inspired from the discovery of the New World, the Genesis and the Apocalypse, but also from classical creation myths, the imaginary Macondo becomes a mythical location where seven generations of the Buendía family are born, rule, and die. The remote village of Macondo grows, is exploited by a banana plantation company, is hit by a plague and a flood, and eventually vanishes amidst a hurricane.

In the session, we will consider extracts from One Hundred Years of Solitude relating to Macondo’s foundation and disappearance (essential reading: pp. 2-4, 7-12, and 298-302) and to the insomnia plague (additional reading: pp. 33-36).

References: Gabriel García Márquez, One Hundred Years of Solitude [1967], trans. Gregory Rabasa [1970] (London: Penguin, 2000)


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