Thursday 12 May: Revival in and of Myth in Wilson Harris’s The Age of the Rainmakers

This week Dr Ben Pestell introduces a discussion of the way myth is used and adapted in Wilson Harris’s work.

‘The Age of Kaie’, the first of four short stories in The Age of the Rainmakers, focuses on a Macusi rebel in twentieth century Guyana, on the brink of death. The story is a compact vehicle for Harris’s vividly protean language, in which everything is liable to metamorphosis. The persistent transformation and contradiction spiritedly resuscitates the thought-patterns of myth. We may ask, does Harris offer us psychic tourism, or does his mythical language stow away into the world outside the page?

Wilson Harris, ‘The Age of the Rainmakers’ [1971] in The Sleepers of Roraima & The Age of the Rainmakers, Leeds: Peepal Tree, 2014 (101-173)

Myth Reading Group: Thursday 12 May

12.00-1.30pm in Room 3.318

Poster and text:

Harris.The Age of the Rainmakers

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