Thursday 3 December: Stranded on Naxos: The Ambivalence of Ariadne

This week Dr. Leon Burnett introduces a discussion of ‘The Ambivalence of Ariadne’.

Ambivalence is central to all mythologies. In Greek myth, we need only think of Persephone, alternating annually between her standing as maiden and queen of the dead, or Artemis, presiding equally over childbirth and the slaughter of animals, to appreciate the extent of the ambivalence attached to female deities. The focus for this session is on the account offered by Nonnus, in the Dionysiaca (XLVII: 265-475), of the association of Ariadne with a specific location – the island of Naxos – where, abandoned by Theseus, she was discovered by Dionysus.

Nonnus, Dionysiaca. Translated by W H D. Rouse, Loeb Classical Library Volume 356 (Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press, 1940), pp. 391-405.

The original Greek is available at

Myth Reading Group

Thursday 3 December

12:00-1:30pm        Rom 3.318

Poster and extracts:


Ariadne – other accounts from antiquity


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