Thursday 26 November: Junot Díaz and a Graeco-Caribbean Mythology

The Centre for Myth Studies is pleased to welcome Dr. Justine McConnell (Oxford University) for a discussion of Junot Díaz’s use of Greek myth.

Open Seminar
Centre for Myth Studies
University of Essex

Thursday 26 November, at 5:00pm in Room 5S.4.4

Junot Díaz and a Graeco-Caribbean Mythology
Dr. Justine McConnell (Oxford University)

Junot Díaz’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (2008) pivots around the fukú americanus, ‘the local version of House Atreus’, while his earlier collection of short stories, Drown (1996), is – in his own words – ‘a reverse Odyssey… told from Telemakos’ point of view’. This paper will explore Díaz’s fiction, focusing on the ways in which he interweaves Greek myth with twentieth-century Dominican political history to create a new, national myth for the Dominican Republic.

Pre-seminar reading: Junot Díaz’s ‘Aguantando’

Followed by drinks


See the Open Seminars page for more information. 

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