Thursday 22 October: A. S. Byatt’s “Sea Story”: Mythic Tale or Moral Fable?

This week, Dr. L. J. Bartholomew introduces a discussion of “A. S. Byatt’s ‘Sea Story’: Mythic Tale or Moral Fable?”

A. S. Byatt’s long writing career has been informed by her continuing examination of myth, fable, and fairytale. We will discuss “Sea Story” (2013) along with the final chapter (entitled “Thoughts on Myths”) of her novel Ragnarok (2011). Story and novel invoke analogous endings, which we could usefully consider in the context of the two short extracts in “Additional reading”, to ask if it is meaningful to understand “Sea Story” as implicitly mythic.

See our poster: P-Sea Story

Myth Reading Group

Thursday 22 October

12:00-1:30pm    Room 3.318


A.S.Byatt. “Sea Story”

A.S.Byatt.”Thoughts on Myths”

Additional reading:

A.S.Byatt.”Old Forms,New Tales”

Karen Armstrong.A Short History of Myth.Extracts

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